The Antidote

This blog gives a voice to all those staff caught up in the middle of public sector reform, feeling trapped between government rhetoric colleague negativity and user expectations.

Andrew Lansley doesn’t want us to know what might go wrong !!!

Feels like the Doctor does not want us to hear the side effects of the treatment very ‘old school’………………..doesn’t feel like a government that heralds patient involvement as a cornerstone of the NHS and good care!!


Health Reform Summit – Nurses ??

The Royal College of Nursing left out of emergency summit over NHS Reforms but some doctors invited … change in conservatives approach to us nurses then !!


We hear a lot o…

We hear a lot of complaints about poor nursing care and poorly managed wards this is an opportunity to celebrate good care on well run wards providing good placements.

Does it smell dodgy ??

The extent of links between civil servants, NHS Senior Staff and business has become murkier over the past few years, its always felt dodgy to the average Jo or Joanne. This article highlights apparent links between David Bennett, the head of NHS regulator Monitor and one of the largest management consultancies in the world McKinsey earning large amounts from the NHS.

Read more:–Companys-role-Andrew-Lansleys-proposals.html#ixzz1mRuDKrn1that most nurses and  doctors–Companys-role-Andrew-Lansleys-proposals.html

NHS Reforms Lords Knock Back Bill

Is this going to be David Camerons ‘Poll Tax’ and is being told you have the full support of your PM the death knoll for Andrew Lansley and his reforms of the NHS?

Apprenticeships in the NHS

Given the current discourse about poor nursing care and the failure of over 30 years of ‘academic’ training to deliver high level nursing care across the NHS equitably might apprenticeships be the way forward?

How can the government dismantle the NHS before the bill has passed into law?

The pressure on the Health Secretary has been ramped up this week with the normally ‘conservative’ RCN and RCM coming out in opposition to the health reforms following months of trying to work with the government. The thing that confuses me is how can the government make structural changes like setting up clinical commissioning groups and dismantle PCT’s before the bill becomes law. Why pass the law at all?